Mr or Mrs? Which affects school Ofsted grade?

One of the fiercest debates in education at the moment is how or if gender affects schools and leadership.

This research is to add data to the discussion.

As the sample size is over 10% of the total number of primary schools in England it has a high level of statistical validity.

Enjoy 🙂   2016-research-into-the-affect-of-leader-gender-on-ofsted-grade-3


3 thoughts on “Mr or Mrs? Which affects school Ofsted grade?

  1. Interesting report and governance history, including the launch of the NLG role in 2012, which puts everything into perspective. I agree with the overall conclusion in terms of research, governance has to move ahead with the times and look outwards towards the bigger picture hence the reason why there are many groups and organisations that seek to influence how governance works. Ultimately there has to be a collaboration because of the numerous education changes that flag up loopholes/alarm bells in the system. Unfortunately, those volunteers/suffragettes[gites] who are on the front line of governance are faced with a perpetual situation that requires a trigger, a wake up call. We step out of governance to look inwards and pinpoint issues of great concern because governance is about governing the school from the top of the tree ie.Headteacher/Chair of Governors regardless of gender, (as the report highlights the combination has little perceptible effect re Ofsted grade on a school) to benefit the children/students that governors serve.

    2017 action brings those issues and principles raised to the forefront. I do hope governors read this as a great start to the challenging year ahead. Well done:)


  2. Me again:) Would be great to hear the opinions of other NLG’s/CofG/Heads/Governors/SLT’s about this research and their experiences/roles, in particular, NLG’s, within the last four years in consultation with CofG’s and Headteachers. 2017 Governance goes for it, and makes a difference!


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